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This is the NSU wiki.

This site is managed by Academic Services (external link), and is a place were departments can publish information either for internal use, or publicly. If you are not logged in, you will only be able to access public documents. If you are logged in, you will only be able to see public documents, and any private documents for your department or group.

Finding things

To get started there is a box on the upper left titled 'AS Menu.' It links to any publicly published pages for various departments. Click any of those links to see what those departments have published.

Also on the left is a general menu. If you click on the folder next to 'wiki' to expand that part of the menu, you can click a link for 'list pages.' That will give you a list of all pages that you currently have access to.

That main menu also has functions for searching, getting back to this page, viewing by categories and more. Please feel free to experiment and explore.

Getting Help

We are currently building our FAQ section of the site. If you have any questions you would like added to the FAQ, please contact us. (external link)

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